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Geocaching &Hiking 31 Dec 2006 11:59 pm

Peavine Peak Geocaches

A New Year’s Eve geocaching expedition on the southern flank of Peavine Peak from Northwest Reno. All the new development in this area makes it difficult to find the access points to open space–and the City of Reno doesn’t seem to have any maps or directions on line. We parked at a ATV “staging area” off of Avenida de Landa, then crossed over on a road/trail behind some new houses to the drainage with the caches.

This area is at the eastern edge of the August 2006 Verdi fire and still smells of burnt wood. Fortunately, the majority of the pine trees near the geocaches survived the fire.

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Track and Profile (the topo map and aerial photo do not show recent development)

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Fetch A Sketch

Alternative access is at the end of Sandestin Drive (as of 12/2006), but there is only room for about one car except in front of houses.

Skiing 29 Dec 2006 11:59 pm

Tahoe Meadows

A quick cross-country ski up at Tahoe Meadows, through the woods up to the first ridge and back.

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Skiing 17 Dec 2006 10:43 pm


A short solo cross-country ski run in Donner Memorial State Park this morning after yesterday’s snow storm. First time out in the snow this winter. Nice to get out. There was less snow around Truckee than I expected–just enough but barely enough to ski on the paved roads in the campground area. Below, a photo of Pea vine Peak from I-80 just inside the Nevada border on the way back to Reno

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