Tamarack Peak from Mt. Rose Highway Summit. Snowshoe hike with M.

Gorgeous day in all aspects. Start: 8900 ft at Mt. Rose Summit trailhead parking. Snowshoed along ridge to Tamarack Peak at 9897 ft. Panoramic view of Lake Tahoe and surrounding peaks, Mt. Rose, Relay Peak, Truckee Meadows, Slide Mountain, Washoe Valley, and snow-covered peaks on the horizon in the east (probably the Humboldt Range at bearing 48 deg, 125 miles and the Clan Alpine/Desatoya Ranges at bearings 81-88, 110-115 miles). Saw a few telemark skiers and snowboarders. Enjoyed an extended lunch break in sunny sheltered area just below the peak overlooking Lake Tahoe. After an aborted descent into the Galena Creek basin (too steep), snowshoed down to the old Relay Peak road (a.k.a. the snowmobile highway), then back to ridge. Weather in the 40s and sunny, but strong east wind over the ridges. Can’t wait for the next adventure!

5.31 mi (2.31 mi uphill, 2.45 mi downhill, 0.44 mi flat)
1320 ft total ascent – 18.8 % uphill grade, 20.7 % downhill grade
5:58:32 total time (3:50:50 moving, 2:07:42 stopped)
0:43:25 pace (1.4 mph average speed, 3.1 mph max speed)

Sunday February 5, 2006 – 08:07pm (PST)