Hiked with M. and S. to “Peak 7219” on western flank of Peavine Peak from near the Red Rocks interchange on US 395. Mostly on forest service roads or 4WD tracks except bushwacking to the peak, which overlooks Dog Valley, Verdi Peak, Mt. Rose. Some knee- to hip-deep snow on the north & east facing slopes at the upper elevations, perfect for the snowshoes we had strapped to our packs….oops, forgot, we didn’t carry the snowshoes! 😉 This is a really nice area, seemingly remote and isolated for being so close to Reno. Saw seven deer on the final ascent. Some of the multiple roads on the descent loop were covered with snow, and we ended up following one up to higher elevation (7400 ft) than intended–but after struggling through snow for a 400 m uphill piece (a bit tough for humans and canine), we got back to a good downhill road passing the Red Metal Mine. Another great adventure with great company

10.12 mi (4.32 mi uphill, 4.93 mi downhill, 0.80 mi flat)
~2300 ft total ascent – 15.0 % uphill grade, 12.8 % downhill grade
6:40:15 total time (4:49:29 moving, 1:50:46 stopped)
0:28:35 pace (2.1 mph average speed, 4.4 mph max speed)
19.505 difficulty, 33.690 effort