Sunday, February 26, 2006

Snowshoe to Castle Pass from Donner Summit with M.

Went up to Donner Pass because the snow has melted off at lower elevation. Parked at Sno-Park off Donner Summit/I-80 ($5 day permit from the Boreal Ski Lodge). Partly cloudy, some sunshine during the first part of the day. Extreme wind gusts at the top. Met two dogs with no owners in sight for about half an hour, finally looked at their tags and called the phone number, but could only leave a message. Later, coming down the Castle Pass ridge, met them again back with their owners. Came down along Castle Valley Creek, which was running and had melted out impassable mini snow canyons. In most places the snow was firm below a thin layer of powder, so it was easy going–could hardly even tell you had the snowshoes on! 😉 The predicted storm front started coming in, with blowing snow and low clouds settling in, by the end of the hike. Good day, good company.
5.57 mi (2.53 mi uphill, 2.60 mi downhill, 0.39 mi flat)
~1200 ft total ascent – 12.4 % uphill grade, 15.4 % downhill grade
3:58:36 total time (3:32:59 moving, 0:25:37 stopped)
0:38:13 pace (1.6 mph average speed, 3.4 mph max speed)
10.704 difficulty, 16.444 effortSunday February 26, 2006 – 08:37pm (PST)