Kyburz Flats

Kyburz Flats, cross-country ski with M. Skied from trailhead on Hwy 89 to Wheeler Sheep Camp (Basque Shepherders Oven). Less snow and warmer than expected from the weather reports, decent snow but a couple bare spots on the road in. More water coming down the drainage out of Kyburz Flats Meadow than I’ve ever seen.   M. did fine on his first time on skis, but it aggravated an old foot injury.

Track and Profile
3.92 mi (1.53 mi uphill, 1.95 mi downhill, 0.38 mi flat)
~450 ft climbing – 14.3 % uphill grade, 16.4 % downhill grade
2:39:21 total time (1:59:33 moving, 0:39:48 stopped)
0:30:28 pace (2.0 mph average speed, 7.0 mph max speed)
6.443 difficulty, 10.300 effort