Sunday, April 2, 2006

Snowshoe on Tunnel Creek Road, 4/2/2006
The weather did not fully cooperate, but M. and I nevertheless had a very nice snowshoe hike up Tunnel Creek Road, overlooking Lake Tahoe in the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park just south of Incline Village, Nevada.

There are two possible trailheads. We parked on Highway 28 outside the old Ponderosa Ranch theme park, walked up to the access road to Nevada State Parks. There is also a trailhead on Highway 28 farther south, with no parking there but possibly parking at the Hidden Beach parking area on the other side of the highway.

The road is relatively steep (1600 feet in 3.5 miles) but steady. Definitely good exercise. The lower part was easy to find even with snow cover; GPS waypoints helped higher up, especially where to turn east from the old flume aquaduct trail, about 0.2 miles past the tunnel entrance. We made it to the ridge, where the road meets the Tahoe Rim Trail and the trail down to Red House and eventually Washoe Valley, but then it got more snowy and windy so we turned around. Our original goal of Herlan Peak will have to wait for another time.

7.00 mi (3.16 mi uphill, 3.08 mi downhill, 0.65 mi flat)
~1600 ft total ascent – 14.8 % uphill grade, 18.7 % downhill grade
5:31:05 total time (4:10:19 moving, 1:20:46 stopped)
0:35:45 pace (1.7 mph average speed, 10.7 mph max speed)
15.345 difficulty, 24.843 effort