Hunter Creek WaterFallSnow(!) and cold weather on Memorial Day Weekend cancelled a planned overnight backpacking trip, but did a wonderful day hike with M.  to Hunter Creek. We started at Mayberry Park, the “official” access point for the Hunter Creek wilderness area, crossing the Truckee on the pedestrian bridge near the Patagonia factory, to the Tom Cook trail up to the Steamboat Ditch Trail, then to the Hunter Creek Trail. This picture is at the waterfall near the top of Hunter Creek canyon. There’s a lot of water in Hunter Creek because of the heavy snowmelt; we were anxious about whether we could cross the creek below the falls, but another group of hikers we met later had improved the log bridge. From there we went cross country up the side of the canyon to Peak 7015, then followed fire roads down the Alum Creek drainange, coming out at Hunter Lake Road.

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10.47 mi (4.33 mi uphill, 4.83 mi downhill, 1.18 mi flat)
~2600 ft total ascent (1900 ft descent) – 18.0 % uphill grade, 16.1 % downhill grade
7:15:51 total time (5:25:00 moving, 1:50:51 stopped)
0:31:02 pace (1.9 mph average speed, 5.0 mph max speed)
24.961 difficulty, 40.298 effort