Mt. Lola Knob

M. and I fled the heat (100+ F) in Reno up to the mountains for a hike to Mount Lola. Our previous attempt on May 21 was shortened by our very naive expectations of how fast the snow would melt this year. On July 23, there is still plenty of snow above 8400 feet, enough to lose the trail near the ridge, but it was no major problem to go around or over it. Mt. Lola is the high point in the Tahoe National Forest, with fantastic views. It was partly cloudy a bit hazy to the South around Lake Tahoe, because of the unusually high monsoonal humidity and possibly smoke from wildfires, but we could just make out Lassen Peak on the horizon, 94.6 miles away NNE. The wildflowers were out in force, especially in Cold Stream Meadow. This has been one of my favorite hikes since moving to Reno, and it was nice to share it. Here’s a movie of our descent over a snowfield (big, may be slow to download).
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Mt. Lola is on the Tahoe OGUL peak list.

Track and Profile


10.4 mi (4.69 mi uphill, 4.78 mi downhill, 0.67 mi flat)
~2600 ft total ascent – 14.4 % uphill grade, 14.9 % downhill grade
6:16:23 total time (4:43:03 moving, 1:33:20 stopped)
0:27:45 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 7.2 mph max speed)
21.322 difficulty, 39.613 effort