Jones Creek/Whites Canyon Loop Trail to Church Pond, starting from the Galena Creek County Park trailhead. M. had done part of this trail before, but it was new territory for me even though it’s very close to Reno, just a few miles up the Mt. Rose Highway. We took the trail in the counter-clockwise direction, crossing over to the Whites Creek drainage first, then up Whites Creek, over a saddle point at 8300 fteet with a spur to Church Pond, and then back down Jones Creek to the trailhead. That is 10.2 miles total round trip. The shorter, steeper trail from the Galena Creek Park trailhead to Church Pond is 3.2 miles one-way. There is an alternative trailhead closer to Whites Creek, which also serves the Thomas Creek Trail. This was a very nice, moderately strenuous hike. Views would have been better except for the smoke from a fire in Placer County, CA. M. was experimenting with long-exposure water photos, above, he’s not satisfied with the light exposure yet but I think it looks great.

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