A gorgeous Sunday afternoon hike on the Rubicon Trail, which starts in Bliss State Park, on the southwest side of Lake Tahoe, and leads to Emerald Bay.
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Lake Tahoe Vista Point (looking toward Cave Rock and Mt. Tallac)

Emerald Bay

Rubicon Trail

Sailboat from Rubicon Point Beach


10.11 mi (4.34 mi uphill, 4.26 mi downhill, 1.41 mi flat)
~1200 ft total ascent – 11.5 % uphill grade, 12.7 % downhill grade
5:06:09 total time (4:09:59 moving, 0:56:10 stopped)
0:24:42 pace (2.4 mph average speed, 5.7 mph max speed)
12.0 difficulty, 23.8 effort