First snowshoeing trek of the season, at Tahoe Meadows on the north/west side of the highway in the vicinity of Incline Lake. The forecast was for 15 mph winds with gusts up to 60 mph over the mountain ridges, but when we got out of the car on the Mount Rose highway, it was near gale force steady winds. Temperature in the 20s, wind chill easily negative. But wanting to get out anyway, and to try out M’s new snowshoes, we went anyway. A bit tough to get geared up, had to run after gaiters and a map that blew away. Fortunately, once we got out of the clearing and into the woods, it was much more pleasant though still nippy. And the less-than-ideal conditions meant there weren’t too many snowmobiles, which are allowed on this side of Tahoe Meadows. Our original goal was Ginny Lake, but finding ourselves a half mile away with a big gully and high ridge between us and the lake, on a ridge with a great view of Lake Tahoe, we decided Ginny Lake wasn’t so important. The new snowshoes (MSR Denali Evo) work fine even on fairly steep slopes. The snow isn’t very deep yet, still a dry season so far. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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