Snowshoeing in Coldstream Valley, from Donner Memorial State Park. We paid the $6 fee for parking at the Museum (which also includes admission), but found out you can park free in the daytime on Cold Stream Valley Road to the east of the main entrance to the park, accessed through the roadside business area, past the Holiday Inn Express. Time of day and season restrictions apply (see signs at park gate).
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5.17 mi (1.96 mi uphill, 1.76 mi downhill, 1.43 mi flat)
~250 ft total ascent – 7.8 % uphill grade, 143.7 % downhill grade
2:43:34 total time (2:29:22 moving, 0:14:12 stopped)
0:28:53 pace (2.1 mph average speed, 13.7 mph max speed)
2.9 difficulty, 5.2 effort