Mt. Rose from Peavine Peak SE

A nice hike on the southeast side of Peavine Peak with J. and M., overlooking Reno with this amazing view of Mt. Rose (above). Parked on the main road to the peak and did a loop hike. On the way back we hit a couple of geocaches (below).
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Geocaches: Mischievous and B-52


3.38 mi (1.56 mi uphill, 1.54 mi downhill, 0.23 mi flat)
~880 ft total ascent – 14.9 % uphill grade, 26.6 % downhill grade
2:41:25 total time (1:45:36 moving, 0:55:49 stopped)
0:31:16 pace (1.9 mph average speed, 3.2 mph max speed)
6.7 difficulty, 11.9 effort