Hobart Reservoir

Hike and snowshoe to Hobart Reservoir in the Tahoe Nevada State Park. This is a very nice area at the south end of Washoe Valley. We returned via Pipeline Road, which is part of a siphon system that sends water from the Tahoe basin across Washoe Valley and back up to Virginia City.
Hobart Reservoir hike profile

The flat, graded portion of the hike shown in the profile above is the Pipeline Road. Originally built in the 1870s to support the Comstock mining boom, amazingly the siphon is still in use today as the water supply for Virginia City.

There was enough snow to require snowshoes above the “Tanks”, where the siphon starts. It was good going on the snow until the return in the afternoon, when the increasingly soft and slushy snow along the Pipeline Road made it tough going. Also needed to put the snowshoes on and off frequently. It was worth the effort, although we weren’t so sure of that at the time.
We parked at the Lakeview Trailhead at the end of Hobart Road (see Geolocator below).
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Track and Profile


13.35 mi (5.31 mi uphill, 5.94 mi downhill, 1.98 mi flat)
~2330 ft total ascent – 13.1 % uphill grade, 88.4 % downhill grade
8:24:49 total time (7:14:55 moving, 1:09:54 stopped)
0:32:33 pace (1.8 mph average speed, 12.3 mph max speed)
21.0 difficulty, 37.0 effort