Hike on the Jumbo Grade trail in the Virginia Range, east of Washoe Lake. The flower above is Bitterroot — a bunch of them were blooming out of the rocks in one area. Tried out new daypacks and liked them.

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Jumbo Grade history

Jumbo Grade Trailhead Follow the fork to the right at the new trailhead sign, ignoring the the older Washoe County property no trespassing sign — can’t believe they didn’t remove that sign after converting the old sandpit into a nice parking lot and trailhead.



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7.58 mi (3.98 mi uphill, 2.70 mi downhill, 0.81 mi flat)
1400 ft total ascent
4:53:19 total time (3:42:22 moving, 1:10:57 stopped)
0:29:19 pace (2.0 mph average speed, 4.0 mph max speed)
10.794 difficulty, 21.002 effort