snow plant

M. and I did a hike Sunday on a portion of the Tahoe Rim Trail, section 1, from the Brockway Summit trailhead to Watson Lake. It turned out to be a lackluster trail, mostly throught pine forest with a few glimpses but not great views of Lake Tahoe. Watson Lake is at 7800 feet is a nice but unspectacular lake. The trail has the distinct disadvantage of a 500-foot descent in the middle, which has to be re-climbed on the return trip.

We did see some interesting flora and fauna. The “Snow Plant” in the photograph above is poorly named: It is a fungus (mushroom) and they usually come up well after the snow is gone. The lizard in the photo album was amazingly cooperative for a photographic session. We also saw a coyote a couple hundred meters from the trail. Also a recent burn area that looked like a mix of a wildfire and planned burning of cleared brush.

Photo Album

Track and Profile


13.76 mi (5.99 mi uphill, 5.85 mi downhill, 1.85 mi flat)
2300 ft total ascent (2300 ft descent) – 10.5 % uphill grade, 120.9 % downhill grade
6:39:11 total time (5:58:03 moving, 0:41:08 stopped)
0:26:01 pace (2.3 mph average speed, 7.8 mph max speed)
15.373 difficulty, 30.307 effort