My lingering cold prevented a major expedition this weekend, but we explored the area around the future Hunter Creek trailhead. Easy access to his popular trail in southwest Reno, which heads from the Steamboat Ditch into the Mt. Rose Wilderness Area, was blocked by housing development in the 1990s. Big controversy, but the developer and landowners pretty much won. Now a new big development farther up the canyon is going int but the city negotiated for a trailhead parking lot. The development itself won’t be visible from the trail down in the canyon.

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1.77 mi (0.82 mi uphill, 0.80 mi downhill, 0.14 mi flat)
250 ft total ascent (250 ft descent) – 14.3 % uphill grade, 25.8 % downhill grade
1:08:16 total time (0:59:23 moving, 0:08:53 stopped)
0:33:34 pace (1.8 mph average speed)
3.799 difficulty, 6.726 effort