A wonderful Spring desert hike north of Pyramid Lake. With M. recovering from a cold and suffering from allergies, we were looking for “not too steep, good views”. This fit the bill! We saw a total of 21 antelope (pronghorn deer), although naturally none at close range, in groups of one to seven. J. and I had hiked the canyon we hiked up several years ago, but had not gone to the high point of the range. M. and I picked another canyon on the descent, which turned out to be a very gentle slope and came out right at the parking place.

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8.21 mi (3.55 mi uphill, 3.68 mi downhill, 0.91 mi flat)
1400 ft total ascent – 12.0 % uphill grade, 50.8 % downhill grade
4:58:19 total time (3:41:43 moving, 1:16:36 stopped)
0:27:00 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 46.8 mph max speed)
10.6 difficulty, 18.6 effort