Sulfur Lupine on Peavine Peak

A lovely evening walk with M. on Peavine Peak from Hoge Road to a great display of Sulfur Lupine and other spring wildflowers. For a single-track hike or mountain bike route, follow the reverse track starting at UTM 11S 4384263 N 0255341 E (WGS84).

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3.39 mi (1.65 mi uphill, 1.43 mi downhill, 0.30 mi flat)
583 ft total ascent – 8.9 % uphill grade, 142.1 % downhill grade
1:29:35 total time (1:21:10 moving, 0:08:25 stopped)
0:23:53 pace (2.5 mph average speed, 4.6 mph max speed)
3.5 difficulty, 7.0 effort