Photo: Devil’s Oven Lake and Paradise Lake.

A great loop hike from the PCT trail head at I-80 to Frog Lake Overlook, Coon Canyon, and Devil’s Oven Lake (almost got there, but thwarted by snow and cliffs), return via the Basin Peak/Castle Peak ridge and Castle Pass. This was the weekend that lightning storms started hundreds of fires in Northern California. You can see the smoke plumes starting up on the horizon in some of the photos.

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2700 ft total ascent – 19.1% uphill grade, 73.7% downhill grade
9:06:40 total time (7:42:19 moving, 1:24:21 stopped)
0:36:20 pace (1.6 mph average speed, 12.5 mph max speed)
38.8 difficulty, 67.9 effort