After being completely smoked out (or rather, smoked in) last weekend, we did a short overnight backpacking trip in the Grouse Ridge Recreational Area. There are many small lakes and lots of granite in this beautiful roadless area. Started near Summit City near Meadow Lake and hiked along the Beyers Lake Trail to Beyers Lake. On the return, took a strenuous scenic detour via granite cliffs to Phoenix Lake.

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13.11 mi (5.40 mi uphill, 5.68 mi downhill, 1.90 mi flat)
???? ft total ascent – 14.8 % uphill grade, 147.2 % downhill grade
2 days 10:50:20 total time (8:35:57 moving, 2 days 2:14:23 stopped)
0:39:19 pace (1.5 mph average speed, 6.3 mph max speed)
26.3 difficulty, 44.2 effort

Trailhead tip: We drove a few hundred yards farther up a rough 4WD road, which is actually the beginning of the Beyers Lake Trail, than would have been necessary. Park at the coordinates below.