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A nice fall hike up to Red Rock Peak, at the northern end of Petersen Mountain. We started from the west side. Our intended entry road from US 395 was gated, so we went to the next road north (39.82755N, 120.03725W), took the right fork that is not on the USGS maps, parked on a small rise, and then walked cross country, actually mostly on a well-established game trail, rise toward Yellow Rocks.  Yellow Rocks are a group of–yellow–hoodoos on the California/Nevada border. The road goes up a broad valley between ridges, past several springs, and then enters the Petersen Mountain Natural Area (BLM). The difference in vegetation between the grazed and ungrazed area is striking (see photos). The final ascent is a cross-country scramble. On the descent, we chose the drainage north of Yellow Rocks, but ran into a very steep dry falls near the bottom and had to do a partial back-track to the road.

GPX Track File


12.14 mi (5.31 mi uphill, 5.05 mi downhill, 1.68 mi flat)
2300 ft total ascent (2300 ft descent)
20 days 2:52:12 total time (5:29:25 moving, 19 days 21:22:47 stopped)
0:27:07 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 48.2 mph max speed)
20.9 difficulty, 44.4 effort