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Hiking &Truckee Meadows 16 Nov 2008 08:18 pm

Church Pond

Winter hike to Church Pond from Galena Creek County Park via the Jones Creek Trail.  Mostly clear trail, used spikes in snow to ridge above Church Pond, where there is a good view of Mount Rose in snow. Church Pond was frozen over.

GPX track file


7.44 mi (3.53 mi uphill, 3.40 mi downhill, 0.45 mi flat)
2534 ft total ascent (2481 ft descent) – 16.5% uphill grade, 18.7% downhill grade
5:03:31 total time (4:14:08 moving, 0:49:23 stopped)
0:34:07 pace (1.8 mph average speed, 5.3 mph max speed)
18.9 difficulty, 31.7 effort

Hiking 26 Oct 2008 10:29 pm

Dogskin Mountain

Photo Album

Dogskin Peak in the Dogskin Mountain Range, from Bedell Flats north of Reno. We met all types of users of the public lands on this hike: Cowboy and cowgirl on horses rounding up cattle, chukar hunters, dirtbikes, all-terrain vehicles. We were the only ones who scrambled to the summit of Dogskin Peak, though. A register logbook is on the second peak from the north, which is about the same elevation of the first peak where the USGS benchmark is located.

Where did the name “Dogskin Mountain” come from? According to Alvin R. McLane in Silent Cordilleras, “A longtime Reno resident told the author that the range got its name because the mountain sides looked like the skin of a hound dog. This is especially true when the flanks of the mountains are viewed in the light of the western sun, the many mountain ridges resemble crinkled skin.”  Hmm, sounds far-fetched to me!

Track GPX file


4.77 mi (2.24 mi uphill, 2.31 mi downhill, 0.15 mi flat)
2291 ft total ascent (2291 ft descent) – 20.8 %  uphill grade, 84.5 %  downhill grade
4:26:53 total time (3:21:07 moving, 1:05:46 stopped)
0:42:11 pace (1.4 mph average speed, 3.1 mph max speed)
18.6 difficulty, 29.1 effort

Hiking &Truckee Meadows 05 Oct 2008 11:59 pm

Thomas Creek Trail

Photo Album

We went out to the Thomas Creek Trail, Mount Rose Wilderness Area, Toiyabe National Forest to see the aspen in Thomas Creek Canyon in their fall colors. It was a week or two early for the prime colors, but still gorgeous.

GPX Track File

6.13 mi (2.82 mi uphill, 2.85 mi downhill, 0.43 mi flat)
2083 ft total ascent (1881 ft descent) – 16.0% uphill grade, 27.2% downhill grade
3:41:42 total time (3:07:46 moving, 0:33:56 stopped)
0:30:36 pace (2.0 mph average speed, 6.2 mph max speed)
14.1 difficulty, 25.5 effort

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