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Snowshoeing 20 Dec 2009 11:27 pm

Donner Peak

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Our first snowshoe of the season. Spectacular views from Donner Peak.

Directions: Donner Pass on old Highway 40 (Donner Pass Road). Drive 3 miles east from the Soda Springs exit on I-80, or west from Truckee. The route starts from the road behind the Sugarbowl Ski Academy parking lot. The way up from the PCT trailhead is quite steep; it’s somewhat better up the slope a bit to the right. We went to the end of Lake Mary before heading up, which was too far and also quite steep. Parking is limited, no parking on the highway shoulder during snow removal. Guidebooks talk about parking for a fee at the school, but it has changed hands and has no indication that parking is allowed there.

3.5 mi (1.76 mi uphill, 2.24 mi downhill, 0.27 mi flat)
900 ft total ascent – 19.3 % uphill grade
3:57:28 total time (3:16:24 moving, 0:41:04 stopped)
0:40:28 pace (1.5 mph average speed)
14.6 difficulty, 23.5 effort

Geocaching &Hiking 26 Nov 2009 03:59 pm

Hunter’s Peak

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A Thanksgiving Day hike to Hunter’s Peak for some geocache maintenance.  The new Sun Valley Regional Park picnic area and trailhead is very nicely done. This track mostly follows the many trails and roads in the area, but has a couple of cross-country segments. There are many ways to the top of the peak.

Tahoe OGUL Peak List 15 Nov 2009 11:52 pm

Duane Bliss Peak

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Last chance for a hike in the mountains before the snow is too deep without snowshoes. We took the Tahoe Rim Trail from Spooner Summit on Hwy 50, then cross country up to Duane Bliss Peak. This 8660-ft peak has great open 360-degree views of Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley, and it’s only about 3.5 miles one way from the TRT trailhead. The only drawback is the very steep slope through the forest up from the TRT. All it needs is a good switch-backed trail to the summit.

Duane Bliss Peak is on the Tahoe OGUL peak list. 15 down, 48 to go.


6.90 mi (3.18 mi uphill, 2.84 mi downhill, 0.83 mi flat)
1700 ft total ascent – 15.8 % uphill grade, 117.6 % downhill grade
4:44:38 total time (3:45:55 moving, 0:58:43 stopped)
0:32:43 pace (1.8 mph average speed, 21.6 mph max speed)
15.3 difficulty, 25.6 effort

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