Mt. Davidson in the Virginia Range overlooks historic Virginia City, Nevada. We passed some wild horses along the Ophir Grade Road west from Virginia City, then mainly just encountered ATVers on our hike to the peak. Still lots of snow in the Sierras (above) ,but only a little snow in the Virginia Range near the top of Davidson.

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7.64 mi (3.57 mi uphill, 3.43 mi downhill, 0.59 mi flat)
1919 ft total ascent (1960 ft descent) – 13.4 % uphill grade, 29.6 % downhill grade
4:20:28 total time (3:47:09 moving, 0:33:19 stopped)
0:29:44 pace (2.0 mph average speed, 3.5 mph max speed)
12.2 difficulty, 21.5 effort