Wild horses in the Pah Rah Range

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A nice fall hike on the top of the Pah Rah Range. There’s a road up to a radar and microwave antenna installation on Virginia Peak. From there, we followed the ridge northward to Pah Rah Peak, which overlooks Pyramid Lake to the north. Good views of Warm Springs Valley, Reno, and Mt. Rose to the west and of the Truckee River valley to the east. Part of the area is proposed for a major new wind energy farm; the only sign of that was two towers with anemometers. Plenty of wind, from our limited observation. We encountered this group of wild horses (photo), who were perturbed at having company but let us get fairly close anyway.


6.38 mi (2.70 mi uphill, 2.48 mi downhill, 1.15 mi flat)
574 ft total ascent  – 13.8 %  uphill grade, 65.0 %  downhill grade
4:24:00 total time (3:11:41 moving, 1:12:19 stopped)
0:30:00 pace (2.0 mph average speed, 3.4 mph max speed)
10.3 difficulty, 19.1 effort