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Tahoe OGUL Peak List 08 Nov 2009 11:41 pm

Adams Peak

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Hike up Adams Peak, in the Diamond Mountains east of Frenchman Reservoir near Chilcoot, California. This is a fairly remote forest area, but because Adams Peak is on the Tahoe OGUL peak list it gets a fair amount of traffic. I didn’t know about the list before, but this is my 14th peak out of 63 on the OGUL list. We took forest roads, and some “roads” on the USGS topo maps that turned out not to be roads anymore, from the west side near Frenchman. There are signs of old mining activity in the area. There’s an ATV trail beyond the end of the mapped roads to the saddle point pictured above, then it’s a scramble over boulders and through Mountain Mahogany thickets to the top. Nice views from the top, including Lassen Peak, Sierra Buttes, Stateline Peak, Petersen Mountain. By picking different forest roads, one could drive farther up than we did to start this time.


11.76 mi (4.93 mi uphill, 5.33 mi downhill, 1.44 mi flat)
2170 ft total ascent  – 14.9 % uphill grade, 109.2 % downhill grade
6:37:44 total time (5:35:29 moving, 1:02:15 stopped)
0:28:30 pace (2.1 mph average speed, 6.1 mph max speed)
22.9 difficulty, 41.5 effort

Hiking 01 Nov 2009 11:33 pm

Bizz Johnson Trail

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Drove up to Susanville to walk the Bizz Johnson Trail, a Rails-to-Trails project along the Susan River. Nice fall day.


14.88 mi (4.77 mi uphill, 4.87 mi downhill, 5.20 mi flat)
650 ft total ascent  – 5.9 %  uphill grade, 10.0 %  downhill grade
5:13:53 total time (4:55:56 moving, 0:17:57 stopped)
0:19:52 pace (3.0 mph average speed, 15.6 mph max speed)
5.1 difficulty, 10.5 effort

Truckee Meadows 25 Oct 2009 05:00 pm

Truckee River Trail / Sparks

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A Fall afternoon walk on the Truckee River trail in Sparks, Nevada, from Rock Park eastward to the end of the paved trail.  This is a part of the planned Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway. Urban wildlife report: geese, three large feral cats, one skunk, and a herd of mule deer in the fields across the river.


8.90 mi (2.94 mi uphill, 2.63 mi downhill, 3.33 mi flat)
40 ft total ascent  – 6.7 %  uphill grade, 99.6 %  downhill grade
2:51:23 total time (2:49:45 moving, 0:01:38 stopped)
0:19:04 pace (3.1 mph average speed, 5.7 mph max speed)
3.9 difficulty, 8.8 effort

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