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Early spring hike to an abandoned fire lookout (now a microwave antenna farm) near US 395 north of Reno.  Part of this area, the Seven Lakes Mountains, burned in the Trailer 1 Fire in July 2009. For the descent from the burned crest area above the lookout, we followed a road on the USGS topo maps that is now abandoned, then hiked cross country through sagebrush back to the highway.


5.63 mi (2.54 mi uphill, 2.48 mi downhill, 0.57 mi flat)
1260 ft total ascent – 14.0 % uphill grade, 36.1 % downhill grade
3:06:56 total time (2:49:26 moving, 0:17:30 stopped)
0:30:05 pace (2.0 mph average speed, 3.5 mph max speed)
10.3 difficulty, 18.7 effort