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Desert hike to Topog Peak, in the West Humboldt Range in Churchill County, Nevada. Topog Peak is at the confluence of the Humboldt Sink (where the Humboldt River ends) and Carson Sink (the end of the Carson River), which make up the 40-Mile Desert of infamy on the pioneer California Trail. Steep slopes and very interesting geology. Parked near an Earthscope GPS Station, which tracks the motion of the earth’s crust at this location (10 millimeters north and 20 millimeters west since 2007).┬áThe hiking route is entirely cross country and quite steep in places. The roads would be treacherous when wet.


3.83 mi (1.85 mi uphill, 1.55 mi downhill, 0.38 mi flat)
1290 ft total ascent – 20.3 % uphill grade, 62.3 % downhill grade
3:35:28 total time (2:28:26 moving, 1:07:02 stopped)
0:38:42 pace (1.5 mph average speed, 5.1 mph max speed)
13.925 difficulty, 23.537 effort