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Spring hike to Pah Rum Peak, in the Fox Range north of Pyramid Lake. The Fox Range is surrounded by deserts on the west (Smoke Creek Desert), north (Black Rock Desert), and east (San Emidio Desert). The forecast was for temperatures in the 60s and moderate wind, so neither of us carried full winter gear…big mistake. At elevation, the temperature was below 50 F and constant gale-force winds made it seem much colder than that. Glad I had my GoLite jacket. The wind also blew up a lot of dust so the views were hazy. But it was nice to explore this remote area.  Wildlife count: one coyotes and a bunch of cattle on the drive. Two antelope (a pair together) and 21 wild horses (in groups of three to six) on the hike.

The drive to the south end of the Fox Range where we parked is on the Pyramid Lake reservation, day-use permit required. The last 20 miles of the drive are on rough gravel and dirt roads; map and GPS helpful for navigation. The Needles area on the north end Pyramid Lake, pictures in the slide show, has been closed to the public for years.

8.45 mi (4.15 mi uphill, 3.63 mi downhill, 0.59 mi flat)
2200 ft total ascent
5:24:46 total time (4:12:13 moving, 1:12:33 stopped)
0:29:49 pace (2.0 mph average speed, 4.4 mph max speed)
33.6 difficulty, 64.7 effort