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Since moving to Reno, Mount Lola has been one of my favorite hikes. Today’s hike was from the trailhead on the north on Henness Pass Road to the summit, then down to White Rock Lake and back via the Pacific Crest Trail and the Mt. Lola connector trail. While most hikers reach Mt. Lola from the north, the trail from the P.C.T. is arguably nicer, passing by the pristine White Rock Lake, up to the granite-rocky saddle point between White Rock and Independence Lake, with great views of the steep southern flank of Mt. Lola.

The Mt. Lola Trail from the PCT is not heavily used, but is relatively easy to follow except where it connects with a use trail that goes down to White Rock Lake via a heavily eroded, steep ATV road connecting to the 4WD road on the north side of the lake. At 39.42378° N 120.37018° W (WGS 84), on the way down from the summit, don’t follow the distinct trail toward White Rock, but instead turn south across a small gully through a bushy area to find the trail on the granite ridge.

Mt. Lola Trail from P.C.T. Junction:

Mt. Lola trail round trip from northern trailhead with loop around White Rock Lake:


18.29 mi (7.64 mi uphill, 8.16 mi downhill, 2.36 mi flat)
4015 ft total ascent  – 15.1 % uphill grade, 62.9 % downhill grade
10:13:12 total time (9:00:09 moving, 1:13:03 stopped)
0:29:31 pace (2.0 mph average speed, 6.5 mph max speed)
35.2 difficulty, 62.3 effort