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Truckee Meadows 11 Dec 2011 04:44 pm

Hidden Valley Ridge Trail

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This is the (unofficial) Ridge Trail loop in Hidden Valley Regional Park (Washoe County Parks), Reno, Nevada.  Because of a network of use trails at the bottom and intersecting 4wd roads at the top, finding the best route is not easy. But the majority of the loop is on nice single-track, with some steep and loose areas. For the counter-clockwise direction, after the gate across the canyon opening, walk 100 ft and turn right on a less-distinct trail that heads up a rise then to the second ridge to the right. On the descent, the trail runs into the Highland Loop Trail near the bottom of the canyon.

4.43 mi (1.91 mi uphill, 2.09 mi downhill, 0.41 mi flat)
1100 ft total ascent – 17.7 %  uphill grade, 73.4 %  downhill grade
2:08:50 total time (1:56:48 moving, 0:12:02 stopped)0:26:20 pace
(2.3 mph average speed, 3.8 mph max speed)10.3 difficulty, 18.7 effort

Truckee Meadows 04 Dec 2011 10:00 pm

Jones Creek – Whites Creek Loop Trail

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We started this hike from the new Jones Creek Trailhead parking lot at Galena Creek Regional Park (Washoe County). There are two new connector trails to the Jones Creek – Whites Creek Loop trail, the total distance is about the same as from the old parking near the picnic area. Going to Church Pond would have added about one mile. It was a crisp winter day, nice in the sun on the way up the Jones Creek side but a  bit cold on the way down Whites Creek, which was partially frozen making two of the three crossings difficult.

9.29 mi (3.75 mi uphill, 4.50 mi downhill, 1.01 mi flat)
2150 ft total ascent – 15.2 %  uphill grade, 47.3 %  downhill grade 
4:14:11 total time (3:46:49 moving, 0:27:22 stopped)
0:24:22 pace (2.5 mph average speed, 25.9 mph max speed)
18.7 difficulty, 38.0 effort

Truckee Meadows 12 Nov 2011 10:22 pm

Hidden Valley

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Mainly an exercise hike up the south part of the ridge trail at Hidden Valley Park in southwest Reno, and back down. Nice Fall day, mostly cloudy and cool but not cold.

5.15 mi (2.24 mi uphill, 2.32 mi downhill, 0.56 mi flat)
1200 ft total ascent (1632 ft descent) – 16.7 % uphill grade, 38.3 % downhill grade
2:41:03 total time (2:19:58 moving, 0:21:05 stopped)
0:27:08 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 4.5 mph max speed)
11.514 difficulty, 21.780 effort

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