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This is a great snowshoe climb to Tamarack Peak (9897 ft)  from the Mt. Rose Summit Trailhead (8900 ft). Fog kept rolling in during the ascent, but it got sunny later for good views both toward Lake Tahoe and toward Reno. There are some steep slopes to the right of the route on the way up, but just stay near the top of the ridge keeping trees between you and the edge.


3.95 mi (1.67 mi uphill, 1.79 mi downhill, 0.38 mi flat)

1150 ft total ascent
4:04:08 total time (3:01:51 moving, 1:02:17 stopped)
0:45:58 pace (1.3 mph average speed, 3.9 mph max speed)
13.3 difficulty, 20.2 effort