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Finally, a day with good weather and new snow, and it’s spring break. Went cross-country skiing at Tahoe Meadows, up to “Chickadee Ridge”, named for these birds, which are aggressive and wanting a handout. The snow was great, about 2 ft of fresh powder, tough for breaking trail but nice for downhill.

2.37 mi (0.87 mi uphill, 1.00 mi downhill, 0.47 mi flat)
400 ft total ascent – 14.7 % uphill grade, 82.4 % downhill grade
1:42:41 total time (1:30:48 moving, 0:11:53 stopped)
0:38:22 pace (1.6 mph average speed, 10.3 mph max speed)
3.9 difficulty, 6.2 effort