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Still too much snow at higher elevations for hiking, so went to Dry Pond via the Whites Creek and Thomas Creek trails. The bottom of the loop follows Timberline Drive (paved).  “Dry Pond” is definitely not dry now. Great views of Slide Mountain and Mt. Rose from the ridge where Dry Pond lies. Some nice wildflowers, but still not in full bloom. This route starts at the Timberline Drive trailhead in southwest Reno and follows the single-track trails. Some competition from mountain bikes on the trails.

6.61 mi (2.70 mi uphill, 2.81 mi downhill, 1.08 mi flat)
1100ft total ascent – 12.1 % uphill grade, 44.3 % downhill grade
2:33:36 total time (2:25:14 moving, 0:08:22 stopped)
0:21:58 pace (2.7 mph average speed, 13.0 mph max speed)
8.9 difficulty, 18.9 effort