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We hiked on the Mt. Lola Trail to Cold Stream Meadow.  Cold Stream, a tributary of the Little Truckee River, was flowing fast because of the huge snowpack this year. This is one of several land areas in the Little Truckee River valley where private land has been recently purchased by a coalition of conservation groups. The private land is a part of the checkerboard, a legacy of Congress granting public lands to railroads to promote completion of the transcontinental railroad in the post-Civil War era.

7.99 mi (3.25 mi uphill, 3.33 mi downhill, 1.34 mi flat)
1150 ft total ascent – 13.9 % uphill grade, 31.6 % downhill grade
4:15:30 total time (3:38:46 moving, 0:36:44 stopped)
0:27:23 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 18.9 mph max speed)
13.6 difficulty, 25.1 effort