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The snow has finally cleared out, mostly, and the wildflowers are great. The photos in the full mid-day sun don’t do them justice, though. This hike route starts at the PCT trailhead at Donner Summit on I-80, follows the PCT under the freeway, then branches toward Summit Lake (via the Donner Lake Rim Trail for that leg) and the overlook 1200 feet above Frog Lake.


8.02 mi (3.27 mi uphill, 3.31 mi downhill, 1.40 mi flat)
1410 ft total ascent – 14.8 % uphill grade, 94.8 % downhill grade
4:17:21 total time (3:34:23 moving, 0:42:58 stopped)
0:26:42 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 8.1 mph max speed)
15.1 difficulty, 29.5 effort