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Hike on the Ellis Peak Trail from Barker Pass on Blackwood Canyon Road, near Homewood, California, on the western shore of Lake Tahoe. Ellis Peak is on the Tahoe OGUL Peak List. Nice views of Lake Tahoe and of the granite expanses and peaks of the Desolation Wilderness area to the south.

7.24 mi (3.10 mi uphill, 3.08 mi downhill, 0.99 mi flat)
1200 ft total ascent – 15.4 % uphill grade, 22.5 % downhill grade
4:26:21 total time (3:23:26 moving, 1:02:55 stopped)
0:28:03 pace (2.1 mph average speed, 5.3 mph max speed)
14.8 difficulty, 28.6 effort