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The fall weather was great for a hike to the summit of Mt. Rose, sunny and cool but not at all windy (unlike the forecast of gusts to 35mph). The snow from early October has melted off except for sheltered slopes. There were lots and lots of people and dogs out on the trail. Lassen Peak (112 miles away) was visible, barely, on the horizon.

Mt. Rose is on the Tahoe OGUL Peak List.

10.20 mi (4.35 mi uphill, 4.27 mi downhill, 1.47 mi flat)
2024 ft total ascent- – 14.9 % uphill grade, 22.9 % downhill grade
6:03:25 total time (4:38:14 moving, 1:25:11 stopped)
0:27:15 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 19.0 mph max speed)
19.2 difficulty, 35.4 effort