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Tahoe OGUL Peak List 28 Oct 2011 06:23 pm

Red Lake Peak and Stevens Peak

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NevadaRambler attempted this hike to Red Lake Peak and Stevens Peak via Crater Lake in early October, but was turned away by high winds. This time was a success, though the terrain was a bit more difficult than anticipated. The more common route starting on the PCT from Carson Pass would be easier.  The volcanic summit block on Red Lake Peak requires some climbing with hands; I made it to the 2nd-highest and 3rd-highest points, within about 3 feet vertically of the real thing. Great views from Stevens Peak. The Stevens Peak register book  had only a few pages left, so I placed a new one. My planned descent on a ridge northeast of Stevens Peak seemed to be blocked by an outcropping (I couldn’t see an easy route around or over it from above), so I dropped down the side of the canyon which had some loose patches.

Both peaks are on the Tahoe OGUL Peak List, which categorizes the Red Lake Peak summit block as a Class 3 climb (“simple climbing with some exposure”).


6.62 mi (2.93 mi uphill, 3.03 mi downhill, 0.54 mi flat)
2650 ft total ascent – 22.2 % uphill grade, 122.4 % downhill grade
6:06:04 total time (4:49:42 moving, 1:16:22 stopped)
0:43:46 pace (1.4 mph average speed)
28.2 difficulty, 45.8 effort

Tahoe OGUL Peak List 23 Oct 2011 08:26 pm

Mt. Rose

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The fall weather was great for a hike to the summit of Mt. Rose, sunny and cool but not at all windy (unlike the forecast of gusts to 35mph). The snow from early October has melted off except for sheltered slopes. There were lots and lots of people and dogs out on the trail. Lassen Peak (112 miles away) was visible, barely, on the horizon.

Mt. Rose is on the Tahoe OGUL Peak List.

10.20 mi (4.35 mi uphill, 4.27 mi downhill, 1.47 mi flat)
2024 ft total ascent- – 14.9 % uphill grade, 22.9 % downhill grade
6:03:25 total time (4:38:14 moving, 1:25:11 stopped)
0:27:15 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 19.0 mph max speed)
19.2 difficulty, 35.4 effort

Hiking 09 Oct 2011 09:25 pm

Terraced Hills High Point

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Hiking season 2011 was extremely short in the Sierra Nevada, with snow in the high country lasting into August and new snow already the first week of October. But that made it a good weekend for a autumn desert hike. We went to the Terraced Hills north of Pyramid Lake and hiked to the high point of the range, 5694 feet. The route follows mostly well-established wild horse trails except for the final cross-country ascent to the peak. There are now only two entries in the summit register since it was placed in 2002, and both are from NevadaRambler and friends. The summit has nice views of Pyramid Lake, Honey Lake, Smoke Creek Desert, the Lake Range and Virginia Mountains. We drove up a 4wd track north as far as possible before a wash; parking at the corral nearer the main road would add 0.67 miles each way. The entire route is on Pyramid Lake Paiute tribal lands; a day use permit for vehicle parking is required.

7.05 mi (3.51 mi uphill, 2.76 mi downhill, 0.70 mi flat)
1420 ft total ascent – 12.7 % uphill grade, 54.5 % downhill grade
4:21:43 total time (3:00:40 moving, 1:21:03 stopped)
0:25:36 pace (2.3 mph average speed, 3.6 mph max speed)
10.5 difficulty, 19.4 effort

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