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With no snow in the mountains, still, time for a hike in the back yard on Peavine Peak. The Wikiloc GPS track below includes the complete Halo Trail, a 9-mile single-track trail (GPS track) for non-motorized access that takes a high route from near the Hoge Road Trailhead to near the King’s Row Trailhead (trail starts at waypoints 39.57343° N 119.84850° W and 39.55083° N 119.87239° W, respectively) . The western part of the trail goes through the area of the Green River fire on 7/29/2011, currently a bit of a moon-scape.  The 12.7-mile loop route  starts at the East Keystone Trailhead and goes up Keystone Canyon first. The loop back from King’s Row follows 4wd road 41643 and Leadership Pkwy. See the Poedunk website for other Peavine trail maps. There are many other possible loop trails in this area.

Statistics (as hiked):

13.77 mi (5.79 mi uphill, 5.44 mi downhill, 2.51 mi flat)
1400 ft total ascent – 10.5 % uphill grade, 38.4 % downhill grade
4:55:12 total time (4:35:23 moving, 0:19:49 stopped)
0:19:58 pace (3.0 mph average speed, 4.9 mph max speed)
14.6 difficulty, 31.9 effort