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A little trail maintenance on the Mt. Lola Trail connection to the P.C.T. at the turnoff from the old use trail straight down to White Rock Lake, 39.42378° N 120.37013° W.

The Independence Lake Snow Depth Gauge at 8352 ft went to zero on 6/18 this year. The top of Mt. Lola was clear on 6/17, but there was still snow on the trail in patches beyond the last crossing of Cold Stream, and snow fields over the trail on the ridge to the east of the peak (although dry and passable on the southern edge of the ridge).

13.56 mi (5.82 mi uphill, 5.93 mi downhill, 1.64 mi flat)
3400 ft total ascent – 17.6 % uphill grade, 66.4 % downhill grade
9:14:21 total time (7:30:33 moving, 1:43:48 stopped)
0:33:12 pace (1.8 mph average speed, 3.4 mph max speed)
35.9 difficulty, 61.8 effort