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Nice day for a hike from the Mt. Rose Highway summit trailhead. We did a loop on the Tahoe Rim Trail, starting on the bike/equestrian trail connector to Relay Peak Road and returning by the nice new TRT hiking trail that meets the Mt. Rose trail at Galena Falls and passes by the upper falls in the photo above. Lots of lupines in bloom, at least three varieties, and also paintbrush, scarlet gilia, corn lily, and mule ears.  The old trail from Relay Peak Road to the junction north of Galena Falls also looked like it might have lots of wildflowers now.


6.60 mi (3.52 mi uphill, 2.07 mi downhill, 0.98 mi flat)
700 ft total ascent – 10.3 % uphill grade, 33.2 % downhill grade
2:57:30 total time (2:38:03 moving, 0:19:27 stopped)
0:23:55 pace (2.5 mph average speed, 5.1 mph max speed)
8.0 difficulty, 16.7 effort