Labor Day Sunday Hike. Loop from the East Keystone Trailhead on Peavine Peak, starting on the West Keystone Connector Trail, then following a less-established single-track trail up a drainage marked by green surveyor flags where it branches off, then aluminum cans on bushes. This trail dies out about 200 m from the Halo Trail, where there is a rock cairn and some poles marking the connection.  Then followed the Halo Trail and another single track, descending via Keystone Canyon.

7.68 mi (3.02 mi uphill, 3.85 mi downhill, 0.80 mi flat)
950 ft total ascent 11.3 % uphill grade, 26.3 % downhill grade
2:52:24 total time (2:46:45 moving, 0:05:39 stopped)
0:21:41 pace (2.8 mph average speed)
8.5 difficulty, 17.7 effort