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Loop hike in the Painted Hills west of Pyramid Lake. Views of The Needle, Pyramid Lake, and a lunch stop at the “Monkey Condos”.

Trailhead directions:  We left the Pyramid Highway (NV 445) at 39.88457° N 119.60016° W,  just west of the border of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation. There is a whole network or dirt roads in this area; we took the most direct route nearly straight to the start of this loop hike at 39.89533° N 119.62918° W.  Although the road was mostly fine, there was one steep section over a hump about 0.5 mile from the highway that  required the 4WD on our SUV. There may well be an easier route around that on one of the other roads (or else leave the highway at 39.86501° N 119.64650° W). A popular destination for rock climbers is a rock wall at about 39.89309° N 119.64341° W..

4.49 mi (1.85 mi uphill, 2.21 mi downhill, 0.38 mi flat)
1000 ft total ascent – 16.3% uphill grade, 48.4% downhill grade
2:55:44 total time (2:11:16 moving, 0:44:28 stopped)
0:29:14 pace (2.1 mph average speed, 4.1 mph max speed)
9.4 difficulty, 17.1 effort