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Saturday afternoon loop hike on Peavine Peak from the Keystone East trailhead to the Keystone West trailhead, with a cross country section (up a ravine past the end of a single track) to the Halo Trail. Some early flowers are out, including the Beckwith’s Violets pictured here.

6.00 mi (2.67 mi uphill, 2.57 mi downhill, 0.74 mi flat)
800 ft total ascent – 13.8 % uphill grade, 44.9 % downhill grade
2:44:05 total time (2:26:34 moving, 0:17:31 stopped)
0:24:26 pace (2.5 mph average speed, 5.2 mph max speed)
8.7 difficulty, 17.0 effort