Photo Album (5/11 and 5/20 and 5/27/2013)

A wildflower reconnaissance hike to Sagehen Creek Meadows on 5/11/2013: It’s mostly still way too early, but the manzanita bushes are in bloom, as well as a a few blue camas lilies in the first small meadow.

Update 5/20/2013: The blue camas are in full bloom in the big meadows. This week is the time to go.

Update 5/27/2013: Returned on a group hike with friends.  Past prime for the camas, but lots of new purple cluster flowers (above, Sierra beardtongue penstemon?) and other wildflowers.

5.30 mi (1.86 mi uphill, 1.74 mi downhill, 1.68 mi flat)
200 ft total ascent – 7.5 % uphill grade, 27.8 % downhill grade
2:02:18 total time (1:45:03 moving, 0:17:15 stopped)
0:19:47 pace (3.0 mph average speed)
2.5 difficulty, 5.6 effort