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First snowshoe hike of the season!  There is just enough snow at Tahoe Meadows from the recent snowstorms.  A very strong inversion—at 10 a.m. it was 26 degrees F in Reno at 4500 feet versus 49 degrees at the summit of the Mt Rose Highway at 8900 feet—made for spring-like snowshoeing. The air up there was clear with a bright blue sky, a welcome change from the dirty-looking trapped air in Reno (moderate pollution index today).



2.13 mi (0.91 mi uphill, 0.88 mi downhill, 0.31 mi flat)
380 ft total ascent (377 ft descent) – 9.9 % uphill grade, 10.1 % downhill grade
2:00:43 total time (1:06:16 moving, 0:54:27 stopped)
0:31:05 pace (1.9 mph average speed, 3.4 mph max speed)
2.1 difficulty, 3.8 effort