From Air Mail Arrow 2014-01-19

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Hike to a concrete arrow on a hill south of the Mogul area of Reno, built as part of a navigation guide system for early U.S. Airmail pilots used in the 1920s and 1930s. The hiking route starts from the open space access point at Damselfly Drive & Riverflow Drive, follows single-track up to the Steamboat Ditch trail, takes the ditch trail to the Hole-in-the-Wall tunnel, then follows the pre-tunnel ditch route and uphill to the arrow. Found through this recent RGJ article.


3.58 mi (1.40 mi uphill, 1.40 mi downhill, 0.75 mi flat)
788 ft total ascent (746 ft descent) – 12.8 % uphill grade, 28.3 % downhill grade
1:48:54 total time (1:19:04 moving, 0:29:50 stopped)
0:22:02 pace (2.7 mph average speed, 4.9 mph max speed)
4.5 difficulty, 9.1 effort