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Nice hike in the Bald Mountain Range, just northwest of Reno, from Jones Valley to the Babbitt Peak Lookout on forest service roads. No snow left in this area, even at the 8760-ft elevation peak. ¬†Although it’s a dry year, there were patches of wildflowers, including a nice stand of Shooting Stars near Merril Creek (above) and displays of Blue Camas, Bistort, and Sierra Beardtongue in the Jones Valley meadow. The big fields of Mule Ears along Babbitt Peak Road were mostly not blooming yet; hard to tell¬†whether they will do much later. The Babbitt Peak Lookout was staffed; the lookout ranger was friendly enough and he let us come up to the platform.


8.78 mi (4.08 mi uphill, 4.09 mi downhill, 0.54 mi flat)
1790 ft total ascent (1790 ft descent) – 11.9 % uphill grade, 108.0 % downhill grade
5:01:55 total time (3:55:21 moving, 1:06:34 stopped)
0:26:47 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 6.3 mph max speed)
11.7 difficulty, 23.1 effort